90s movies

If you’re tired of all of these movies that attempt to use plot and dialogue to move their story forward and instead want to rely on pure adrenaline badassery, then do I have the movie for you.

From the Arnold Schwarzeneggerian school of cinema comes one of the most heart-pumping films of all time–Speed.

90s movies

Speed is a mile-a-minute thrill ride down the streets of Los Angeles. Set with the task of rescuing people from Dennis Hopper’s creepy terroristic plans of explosive murder, Keanu Reeves’ Jack Traven is a complex, intelligent, lovable character and he’s the perfect kind of hero for this situation. The sidekick and female lead are one in the same in this film as Sandra Bullock’s damsel-in-distress-yet-part-time-bus-driver character is infectiously likable.

Speed has three great scenarios pitting a criminal mastermind against a young, hot shot cop: A falling elevator, a bus that cannot go below 50 mph, and a train that is headed for imminent destruction.

The action set pieces in this film are among the best in 90s film and they hold up pretty well to today’s standards as well. There are so many iconic scenes that are parodied endlessly such as the bus jump and the standoffs between Keanu and Dennis Hopper.

There’s nothing better than a film with a maniacal villain hell-bent on holding common, politically correct multi-ethnic citizens hostages by threatening to blow them versus an underdog hero who beats the odds and the critics to save them.

Sure the film takes liberties with real life physics, but it’s a goofy popcorn flick and there’s no reason not to love it for its entertainment value.

Dennis Hopper gives it one head up.