Top 5 90s Movies to Watch in 2017

The 90s was the year of many memorable moments. We had the PlayStation game consoles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Supersoakers, and the most awesome item of all was the karaoke machine. The movies were the best though so take a look at the top five movies of the 90s and see if you can remember watching any of them while living in the greatest decade so far.


Here are the Top 5 90s Movies to Watch in 2017

5.) Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

This movie was one of the coolest and funniest movies made in the 90s. The mother leaves home to go on a business trip and hires an old lady to babysit while she is gone. The children are lazy and unruly but when the babysitter dies and leaves them to fend for themselves…well let’s just say they learn how to take care of things at home while learning an important life lesson of never taking anything for granted.

4.) Clueless

This movie was a big hit for the 90s. From the mini-skirts to the thigh highs and platform shoes, everyone loved it. The main character Cher is rich and popular and in the movie sees herself as a matchmaker. She fixes up two of her teachers and when she realizes she was successful in that she takes the new girl Tai under her wing to give her a makeover. But when Tai ends up more popular than Cher, she soon understands what her step-brother said about her being misguided and in the end falls for him.

3.) Home Alone

This 90s movie was the funniest one ever made and is still played on TV these days. It is about a little boy named Kevin McCallister that gets forgotten at home when his family is leaving for vacation because the night before he acted out and his mother made him sleep in the attic. Kevin wishes he has no family and then wakes up to the house being empty and gets excited about his wish coming true. That does not last very long because shortly after, he learns that there are two robbers planning to hit the McCallister home. He decides to protect his family’s home while he alone.

2.) Jurassic Park

In this movie, there is a group of people touring an island theme type park that houses dinosaurs that have been made from prehistoric DNA. The owner of the facility informs everyone they are safe but in the end that is not true because some of the creatures escape and go on the hunt.

1.) Titanic

Of course Titanic is number one because everyone fell in love with this movie. The romance and love story of the plot in this movie was the biggest tear jerker ever made. Rose boards the Titanic being an upper wealthy class woman that is refined and engaged to be married then thanks to Jack Dawson she quickly learns to let her hair down so to speak. She quickly falls in love with Jack, but when the boat hits an ice burg in the middle of the night and the ship starts sinking they realize their love for each only lasts so long.

These movies are all great classics that everyone should watch at least once. So get on Netflix or whatever movie player you use and find these movies and take a look because you will definitely be entertained.

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