Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of 90’s to Watch in 2017

Who does not like a scary movie with the girlfriend. These top five horror movies will keep you on edge and make you wonder who the killer really is. You will wonder what the scary doll will do next and why he is so bad. No worries just watch these top five and all the ones made after to find out your answers. Some end in cliffhangers but not to worry they have made plenty more to watch on a dark scary night. Turn the lights down and get the popcorn ready cause these movies will scare your pants off.


Here are the Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of 90’s to Watch in 2017

5. I Know What You Did Last Summer

This 90’s horror movie is about a couple teens making a huge mistake and trying to cover it up. Instead of covering it up they end up getting haunted by it and losing their lives. A guy with a fisherman hook chases and kills each one of these teens throughout the movie one by one. You are left with a cliffhanger at the end so you will have to keep watching the series to find out what happens.

4. Disturbing Behavior

This underrated film about a school staff making the perfect students through mind manipulation had as much charm and sass as any other in its time. Teachers manipulated the students to make them into being good and knowing everything. Pretty much the teachers take over everyone and make them good.

3. Misery

An obsessed fan of a book writer keeps him hostage and forcing him to finish his novels. She is keeping him a prisoner for her own use so he will write the novels how she pleases. This movie is pure and basic and that’s what makes it the best.

2. Child’s PLay 2

Chucky is a killer doll who was first a “good guy” doll. He comes alive so he can start a new life. In this film he looks just like a doll until the end where he gets thrown into a machine that rips him to pieces. But do not worry he comes back in many more of the Chucky movies.Chucky is still having movies made about him.

1. Scream

This movie is one of those where you just want to know who done it and why. With this movie you can trust no one and most everyone is a suspect. This movie has so many cliffhangers they have had to keep it going. It has moved from a three series movie to a TV show on MTV.

These may be the top five but there has been so many made that you could go on for days watching them. If you love the horror movies then these would be the best to watch. have a friend that has never seen them? Get it ready and surprise them on how twisted things can really get. All you need to watch these movies is a blanket, the lights off, popcorn, and last someone who really hates scary movies. Cuddle up to the girlfriend and protect her from the scary monster and enjoy the thrill.

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