Top 5 Romantic Movies of The 90s To Watch in 2017

All woman love to watch movies about romance and to read books about romance. In the 90s we had women like Julia Roberts who played in romantic movies that made use all wish we was the character so we could live the ultimate dream. There are so many great movies from that decade that can be talked about but I have listed below the top 5 movies from the 90s that everyone has fallen in love with.


Here are the Top 5 Romantic Movies of The 90s To Watch in 2017

5. You’ve Got Mail

This movie tells the story of a struggling boutique bookseller named Kathleen that highly dislikes her business rival across the street, Joe Fox. When the two of them begin an internet romance without the knowledge that it is each other they are conversing with, it becomes intense. When Joe discovers that the woman he is involved with is Kathleen he has to figure out how to get past his true life hate for her and put her in the online love category she is in for him online.

4. Never Been Kissed

Josie Gellar is a junior copywriter for the Chicago Sun-Times and gets put on assignment in her old high school to research the contemporary teenage culture. The problem is that when Josie was in high school she was the furthest thing from popular so she asks her brother Rob to help her become one of the popular students. She never anticipated the one issue of falling in love with her English teacher Sam.

3. Notting Hill

When London bookstore owner, William Thacker, ends up into a romantic turmoil because a famous American actress has stepped into his shop they end up dealing with spilled orange juice that leads to a kiss somehow then lead into having a full blown love connection. But then the struggle of figuring out how to connect their different lifestyles becomes a problem that these two have to figure out how to overcome.

2. Runaway Bride

Journalist Ike Graham labels Maggie Carpenter as the runaway bride because she has left three past grooms at the altar already. When she becomes engaged again Ike goes running to the hometown of Maggie’s so he can save his reputation and be able to write about her upcoming wedding, that he believes she will run from again. Once there he can not help but fall for her.

1. Drive Me Crazy

Nicole is in need of a prom date so then she kind of ends up dating her next door neighbor that is not cool at all as a last resort option for a date. After a while, her coolness rubs off on Chase and he becomes popular. Nicole doesn’t like it because she is definitely feeling more than a friend affection towards him.

If you want a good romance movie for girls night then grab one these favorite and pop it in. Not only will you love them but you will also want to watch them over and over again because you just will not be able to get enough.

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