Blind Melon

It seems as if people are too concerned with finding new music to occupy themselves without taking the time to respect and appreciate music that has come from years past. There’s such a vast backlog of music I want to take the time to fully experience before I move on in my neverending journey to find the perfect grooves that, sometimes, great albums are overlooked.

I want to take this time to acknowledge an album that graces my iPod nearly every day: Blind Melon’s self-titled album.

From the first to last note on this impressive record, the late Shannon Hoon and company belt out some unforgettable tunes. With the bluesy, almost Joplin-esque vocals of Hoon crooning over every track, it is a feast for the ears. Blending the genres of psychedelic, blues rock, and even metal, Blind Melon puts together a record that is truly inspirational and unique.

My favorite lyrics on the album can be found in the song “Change” and they perfectly describe the style and attitude of this legendary band: Continue reading

90s Fashion Comeback

Some people claim that 90s fashion was horrible and will never be repeated, but I say those people are complete idiots. I have a deep and lustful affinity for all 90s fashion. From plaid shirts, plaid skirts, and Nirvana t-shirts to faded Levi’s and neon colors, 90s fashion will NEVER go out of style.

The 80s were just ending and the world needed a transitional period in order to evolve past the antiquated notions of jheri curls, teased-out hair-dos and cocaine. Something flashy and fun and extreme seemed like the next logical step.

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