Super Metroid

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“The last metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.”

This simple phrase is the first step of a wildly satisfying, epic journey in quite possibly the most perfect action and exploration video game ever made, Super Metroid. Of all the games I’ve owned, rented, or played over the course of my 28 year existence, it ranks right up there with Chrono Trigger as a textbook example of gaming bliss. In many people’s opinions, it could even be considered the definitively best video game experience ever created. You’re all well aware that my loyalty still lies with the aforementioned time-traveling RPG, but it’s only by a very narrow margin.

Let’s first take a moment to discuss the overall basis of the Metroid franchise’s Sci-Fi storyline. You play as a blonde beautiful bad ass named Samus Aran, an intergalactic bounty hunter on the hunt for Space Pirates led by the monstrously powerful Mother Brain. The Space Pirates themselves are in constant search of one of the galaxy’s most mysterious and powerful creatures, the Metroid, in order to harvest them for their own personal gain. You see, the Metroids are seemingly simplistic, jellyfish-like floating blobs, but their ability to drain life and energy from living things makes them a hot commodity for power hungry space conquerers.

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Secret of Mana

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Though my love for the Super Nintendo as well as my obsession with Chrono Trigger are well-documented, there were other 90s RPG titles that caught my interest and filled my socially reclusive days with hours of multi-colored, pixelated entertainment.

When people think about the classic RPGs from the Super Nintendo, the ones that always come to mind are Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series, and Zelda: A Link to the Past. The game I’m reviewing today most closely resembles the latter.

Although I could never hate on the turn-based systems of combat presented in Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series, I’ve always had a thing for a more action-oriented approach. Much like the future action RPGs Kingdom Hearts or Dark Souls, this game was all about fighting in real time and casting magic on the fly. This game was Squaresoft’s answer to Zelda and a blast to play.  The game I speak of is Secret of Mana.

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System

90s moviesIt was Christmas morning, 1991. A hyperactive, super-excited, greedy little version of myself crept down the steps of my childhood home after my father had given the go-ahead. He always had this annoying ritual of setting up the video camera before my sister and I could come to claim our rightful cornucopia of presents.

After opening what seemed like hundreds of lesser presents including action figures, hygiene products, movies, and unwanted clothing, the two of us were like two starving puppies wondering why the top item on both of our Christmas lists, the Super Nintendo, was nowhere to be found.

In what seemed at the time to be a heartlessly cruel jape, my parents exclaimed “Oh, it looks like you guys missed one!” and proceeded to produce a nondescript box covered in reindeer wrapping paper. As we hastily tore the useless adornments from the magically mysterious final gift, we realized it was what we had always dreamed of. Finally, the glistening gray and purple rectangular prism of infinite awesomeness was presented to us. As our eyes glazed over and our mouths gaped open in wide wonder, we realized that we were now official owners of a SUPER NINTENDO.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (aka Super Famicom, Super NES, SNES, Super Nintendo, or Jesus Christ incarnate) is a 16-bit video game console that was unleashed upon the adoring Nintendo-centric public in North America in 1991.

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A 90s Editorial

90s moviesSince the creation of 90s, the goal of the site has been to entertain and elicit the sentiment associated with all things pop culture from the forgotten decade. It’s important to recapture that essence to combat the growing apathy and cynicism regarding our current state of existence.

The 90s always had an overwhelming feeling of intangible perfection. This was a decade of grunge rock, slick two-timing presidents, unforgettable sitcoms, colorful and nutritionally-devoid snack foods, and endless amounts of fun. Those days, before cell phones and social networking, were part of the last generation of children who discovered and appreciated life on their own terms.

90s movies When you heard a dirty word on the schoolyard, in movie theaters, or from your parents, you didn’t go home and google it to find out what it meant. You were forced to ask older kids, older siblings, or creepy homeless men outside of the local 7-11 what it meant. This overabundance of readily-available information is a detriment to society.

90s moviesKids don’t go outside anymore. As a child, I almost never spent the days indoors. Our summers were filled with neighborhood-wide games of manhunt and I knew every backyard on my street as if it were my own. Kids were allowed to be kids. I’d only come back inside for lunch, dinner, and when 9 o’clock rolled around.

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Top 10 Star Fox 64 Quotes

90s moviesIf you’ve never had the pleasure of playing one of the greatest video games ever created, now is your chance to live some of its glory. Star Fox 64 is a legend on so many levels. The invention of the rumble pack was the beginning of the institution of vibration-based immersion in video games. Shooters would be lost without it. Not only was Star Fox 64 a revolutionary game in terms of graphics and gameplay, it also redefined the awesome world of video game voice acting. It still remains one of the most often quoted games in history, and it still deserves any bit of praise that comes its way.

90s moviesWanting to give the voice acting the credit that it deserves, I decided to pick out my top 10 favorite quotes as an homage to one of my favorite games of all time. Here they are:

10. “Never give up! Trust your instincts!”

Peppy’s words of encouragement, however empty, were a welcome change from Slippy’s inane rambling and whining. I just don’t see how it’s possible NOT to trust your instincts. Isn’t that what “instincts” are?

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