Clueless (1995)

90s moviesHumans are visual beings. In order to have a successful 90s movie, you had to have a bodaciously babetastic leading lady. Alicia Silverstone fit the role perfectly. Already being largely touted as one of the hottest gals in entertainment for her roles in several multi-platinum Aerosmith singles in the early 90s, she was on an unprecedented roller coaster ride to the top.

One of her most memorable roles was as the deliciously sweet, but sinfully seductive Cher in the 90s fashion extravaganza and Jane Austen retelling known affectionately to 90s movie fans as Clueless.

90s moviesBoth sarcastic and heartfelt, Clueless is the tale of the beautiful and brightly-colored world of Beverly Hills high school life at the top end of the popularity and socio-economic ladder.

Silverstone’s performance as the dimwitted, vapid, but well-meaning Cher really stands as her breakout role in the film world. There was never really another film that she could fit into as well as she did in this 90s cult classic.

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Top 5 90s Movie Babes

When you’re a young boy, life is simple. There are few things that truly matter to you in life. The most dominant thoughts in your head usually involve some combination of cartoons, tree houses, favorite action figures, the large bag of candy on the top shelf of the cabinet, and most importantly, girls.

With most girls your age being awkward and annoying, however, the first crush in a boy’s life is most often a celebrity babe. As an homage to the hundreds of hours spent fantasizing about the intangible goddesses of the silver screen, takes a look at the Top 5 Movie Babes of the 90s.

5. Tia Carrere

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