Top 5 Saved By The Bell Moments

Many people underestimate the entertainment value and all-around goodness of the Saved by the Bell series and, instead, choose to write it off as “corny.” Well, goddammit, I like corn!

There’s something about the sugar-coated sweetness of early 90s television that fills my heart with a warm, marshmallowy goo not unlike the inside of a chewed up Peep. Back when television didn’t have to rely on sex and violence to draw a crowd and it was enough to just be colorful and sincere and naive. That is my favorite kind of television.

Throughout a lifetime of watching syndicated episodes of Saved by the Bell, I’ve often tried to pinpoint my favorite moments in its illustrious volumes of lore. I’ve narrowed it down to five definitive moments:

5. Homeless Father/Daughter Christmas Extravaganza

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