Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

90s moviesI know it’s been awhile, and I apologize. Real life obligations, laziness, and beautiful weather have been pulling me consistently away from my responsibilities as a 90s culture nerd. There’s nothing I can say that will make up for my month of absence, but perhaps some content will satiate your current needs.

90s moviesThe state of humanity and the world in the future has always been a constant point of discussion for politicians, scientists and children who love to hypothesize about its possibilities. Flying cars, hover bikes, Judge Dredd, and lots and lots of aliens are just a few of the crazy things that come to mind when thinking of the distant future. One franchise, however, captured the hearts and minds of a nation with its dystopian view of the future.

90s moviesAt the center of the Terminator legacy rests visions of time travel, robots, and a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this particular series, machines from the future make it their goal to return to the past and kill or protect certain people in order to change the future. Humans, on the other hand, want to live out their pointless, mediocre little lives under the blanket of the status quo. They’ll give anything to keep the world as they know it, free of machines.

90s moviesWhile The Terminator was a huge hit for James Cameron, I feel that Terminator 2: Judgment Day was the true blockbuster. It took everything fans loved about the original film and improved upon it. Arnold’s terminator was now a hero and protector figure instead of the scary robo skeleton man from the first one. Sarah Connor was no longer a pathetic, scared diner waitress and had morphed into an insanely masculine badass. John Connor was the portrait of innocence in the face of world destruction. And T-1000, well T-1000 was LIQUID FUCKING METAL.

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Top 5 90s Movie Babes

When you’re a young boy, life is simple. There are few things that truly matter to you in life. The most dominant thoughts in your head usually involve some combination of cartoons, tree houses, favorite action figures, the large bag of candy on the top shelf of the cabinet, and most importantly, girls.

With most girls your age being awkward and annoying, however, the first crush in a boy’s life is most often a celebrity babe. As an homage to the hundreds of hours spent fantasizing about the intangible goddesses of the silver screen, 90smovies.net takes a look at the Top 5 Movie Babes of the 90s.

5. Tia Carrere

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