Forgotten Snack Foods

When it comes to nostalgia and whimsical sentimentality, there is nothing more seared into my brain than the cornucopia of snack foods that have littered my school lunches and dank cupboards along the path of childhood.

From Dunkaroos to Gushers to Shark Bites, there will always be a place in my heart for child-themed snack foods. As much of America can attest to, however, Doritos brand tortilla chips were among the most popular.

There were two Doritos iterations, however, that never got enough respect and were pushed aside and cancelled due to the lack of attention. I am here to pull these delicious snack foods out of the shadows and force them back into the limelight because they deserve to be recognized.

Classic Doritos Bags

Being a disgustingly obese capitalist American pig, I’ve had my fair share of dealing with snack foods over the years. Whether it be prepackaged snack cakes, chips, candy, soda, or those forgotten crumbs of deliciousity known as Munch Ems, I’ve taken quite the fancy to the evolution and study of such salty, sugary, calorically-overwhelming pieces of Americana.

Some of the most-consumed products of this type from my childhood were the holy triangular pieces of scrumptious delight known only as “Doritos.” Friday night horror movie viewing parties would not be complete without a bag of these flavor-blasted tortilla treats. If you lined up the total number of bags of Doritos I’ve eaten over the course of my lifetime, you could probably reach to the moon and back. They were something special.

Part of the allure and temptation of these kind of snack foods were the devious ways in which in which they were advertised. It was not just a product they were selling to you, but a sense of belonging and “coolness.”

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