Dumb and Dumber (1994)

90s moviesThere are precious few really perfect comedy films that you remember from your childhood. These are films you could watch hundreds of times and still find them every bit as funny. The jokes are timeless, the crass humor is universal, and the writing is sharp. One of my personal favorite films that falls into this category is the shamelessly idiotic Farrelly brothers romp known simply as Dumb and Dumber.

90s moviesMany people widely consider this film to be the epitome of hilarity and rank it highly among their list of most successful comedies in the history of Hollywood. I would be hard-pressed to disagree with them. From beginning to end, there is rarely a moment when I’m not laughing or, at the very least, smirking. Jim Carrey’s mastery of physical comedy and the moronic situations that arise are nothing short of magical.

90s moviesLloyd the limo driver is Jim Carrey’s yin to the yang of Jeff Daniels’ Harry, Lloyd’s best friend and the owner of a dog grooming service. On a routine drive to the airport, Lloyd falls in love with a female client named Mary Svenson. He realizes, upon her departure, that she has forgotten her suitcase and decides to valiantly track her down in Aspen and return it.

Along the journey ahead, Harry and Lloyd are faced with innumerable challenges that can often be blamed on their stupidity. From selling a headless parakeet to a blind child to accidentally killing a rare spotted Owl, the whacky scenarios are skillfully accented by the mentally handicapped main characters. There is plenty of room for laughs and the Farrelly brothers capitalize on nearly every opportunity.

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