Encino Man (1992)

A film packed to the brim with 90s-isms and a young Pauly Shore, Sean Astin, and Brendan Fraser, Encino Man provides more than its fair share of laughs and is a real treat for 90s pop culture junkies like myself.

Opening in a dark, scary, Ice Age world, Encino Man introduces us to a caveman and cave woman who are attempting to make a fire to stay warm. The drama starts early as an earthquake surprises them out of nowhere and buries the two would-be lovers under a mountain of debris.

Fast-forward to modern times, where teenage Dave Morgan (Sean Astin) wakes to a Los Angeles earthquake that rattles a melted cherry Icee off the shelf above him. Dave is the typical effete, whiny adolescent loser who wears denim shirts and strives for nothing more than popularity.

Also in tow is his best friend, Stoney Brown (Pauly Shore), who rides a moped and looks like a cross between a grunge rocker and a filthy hippie with his neon pink handkerchiefs and stoner hair.

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