The Technodrome

90s moviesAt the height of their popularity, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ruled the world. From cereals to video games to international musical stage tours to snack cakes, there was no medium those green bastards wouldn’t infiltrate.

90s movies Their most successful foray of all, however, was into the world of toys. Hundreds of different figures were produced and some of them were even re-released recently for another round of children and nostalgically-geeky adults like myself to snatch up and cradle in sublime solemnity.

Despite all of the interesting characters like the Rat King and Mondo Gecko, it was the playsets that really reigned supreme. There was the aptly-named Turtle Van, their dingy sewer hideout, the Turtle Blimp, and many others that littered the carpeted floors of many a kid’s bedroom in the 90s.

90s movies90s moviesAll of that aside, those figures and playsets had absolutely nothing on the epitome of amazing Ninja Turtle toys. This wasn’t just a playset, this was a dream come true. This was the toy that marked many people’s most memorable Christmas morning ever. This was the most magical, inspiring piece of colored plastic ever to grace the shelves of a local KB Toys, Kiddie City, or Toys R Us. This was the one toy to rule them all. This was THE TECHNODROME.

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The Death of Innocence: An Ode to 90s Sitcoms

90s moviesParents, as far back as I can remember, have always been scouring the entertainment world for family-friendly programming to babysit their kids for them while they read magazines and dreamt of their life before children. I mean, Mothers can’t really be expected to mother their children, right? This is America.

90s movies

Anyway, throughout history (and especially in regards to 90s television) there have been plenty of television shows, movies, video games, and other activities to fill the little buggers with faux happiness and an assuredness that nothing bad was ever going to happen without a happy ending tacked on after the ordeal.

90s moviesIt seems odd that, in today’s world, there is an unusual shortage of this kind of whitewashed, disneyfied entertainment. Now, I’m not much for network television. The lack of nudity, graphic violence, and potty mouths makes for boring entertainment. Recently, I decided to flip through primetime television on the major networks and see what exactly they had to offer. I was appalled.

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