Goodfellas (1990)

90s movies

Martin Scorsese is an independent director who has had mainstream success, but he still holds onto his roots of independent filmmaking. A true auteur, Scorsese exemplifies an independent director with a very distinctive personal style. Despite his use of brutal violence to punctuate moments in his films, he never glorifies it. Throughout his filmography, Scorsese de-glorifies violence while showing the painful price of such actions with a realistic approach that characterizes his films and forms his distinctive style of filmmaking and storytelling.

While his presentation of violence may seem sadistic to some, it is its shocking nature that is the most important aspect of its realism. His characters always rely on their fists, knives, baseball bats, or even the butt of a gun to get their point across because violence, at its core, is a primitive act.

90s movies

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

90s moviesPulp Fiction is one of those 90s movies that is constantly imitated, but never overshadowed. From the minute you step into the colorful world of Tarantino’s design, you are left in awe of the ridiculousness and the masterful way that it is presented.

90s moviesWhile paying homage to countless eras of film before it, Pulp Fiction is an end product that feels wholly original. It doesn’t rely on the mundane methods of linear storytelling and the traditional three-act structure of other hit films, but it still tells a cohesive story and keeps the audience interested.

90s moviesSet in the gorgeously exotic and always full of surprises city of Los Angeles, it is a modern day tribute to an era now gone. Twisting plot structure to his own needs, Tarantino weaves a nonlinear narrative through a series of interconnected plot lines involving two wisecracking mob assassins, a boxer’s inheritance, the seductive wife of a powerful gangster, two redneck rapists, and a guy in a tux who’s really good at disposing of dead bodies. Yeah, just the usual.

90s moviesThe violence in this movie is comical and lighthearted despite its brutality. In the same way that Scorsese’s characters are darkly hilarious, Tarantino finds a way to make the characters in Pulp Fiction likable in spite of their murderous tendencies.

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Mortal Kombat II

90s moviesWhile critics insulted and panned the original Mortal Kombat, Acclaim came back to throw a much more disgusting, sadistic, fun game in their faces with this 90s video game sequel. Mortal Kombat II is simply one of the best fighting games of all time.

While the plot is pretty razor thin, it’s still somewhat interesting and worth the time to read it over on your first play through. The villains who won the original Mortal Kombat tournament have opened a portal leading to Outworld and the heroes must fight in the tournament to save the Earth from destruction.

90s moviesWhile the fatalities in the original Mortal Kombat weren’t that impressive and lacked style, the sequel spares no expense at making them bloodier, more violent, more disgusting. It’s times like these I am glad to be a gamer. Kung Lao’s fatality of slicing the opponent in half down the middle is still a gory favorite of mine. Jax also has a pretty funny one where he rips off the opponents arms as a fountain of blood sprays from the sockets. Fortunately, every character has their fair share of disgusting finishers.

90s moviesAlso, the stage-oriented finishers are pretty exciting too like uppercutting people into pits of spikes or pools of acid. Acclaim knows what their fans want.

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Top 5 Saved By The Bell Moments

Many people underestimate the entertainment value and all-around goodness of the Saved by the Bell series and, instead, choose to write it off as “corny.” Well, goddammit, I like corn!

There’s something about the sugar-coated sweetness of early 90s television that fills my heart with a warm, marshmallowy goo not unlike the inside of a chewed up Peep. Back when television didn’t have to rely on sex and violence to draw a crowd and it was enough to just be colorful and sincere and naive. That is my favorite kind of television.

Throughout a lifetime of watching syndicated episodes of Saved by the Bell, I’ve often tried to pinpoint my favorite moments in its illustrious volumes of lore. I’ve narrowed it down to five definitive moments:

5. Homeless Father/Daughter Christmas Extravaganza

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